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Wild Duluth Course Photo Tour Posted and Reminders


I’ve posted photos covering the Wild Duluth course on our website.  View them here:




Those photos should get you excited about this course.  This is the Superior Trail afterall.


Just a couple of reminders about this years fat ass race:


The course will not be marked with any extra flagging except for the first

3.5 miles where we’re using the Mission Creek Trail and a bit of road.  Once we’re on the Superior Hiking Trail you’ll have to follow the EXCELLENT trail markings in the form of posts with SHT signs and arrows, blue blazes and signs and arrows posted on trees.  The trail is really very well marked.

However, it has to be because there are a LOT of trail crossings, road crossings and other potentially confusing areas.  If you run for any period of time and you don’t see a blue blaze, you’re probably off the trail.

Backtrack to the last blue blaze.  The official race next year will include additional course markings/flagging in confusing areas.


This is a no fee race which means don’t expect stocked aid stations.  There won’t be any.  That said, I will be out there in the form of a roving aid station to provide water and aid approximately every 5 miles or so.  I will record runners times at those aid stations as well.  Lisa Messerer has graciously offered to help with aid and will hopefully be able to work with me to ensure we meet all the runners at the access points.  I’m looking forward to being out there to help all of you runners out!


There will be no awards, but if we have enough runners, I’ll be sure to write up a report and send results to Ultrarunning mag.


I can assure you that you will love this trail.  For more race details, check out our website http://wildduluthraces.wordpress.com


The only active pages right now are the Course pages – Course Description, Course Maps and Course Photos.  The rest of the site will become active as we get closer to the official race in 2009.


Let me know if I’m leaving anything out.



Andy Holak

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