6 day race in Germany – 2009

Posted on October 10, 2008 by

Hello out there,

in 2009, the 6-day-race of Hamm will be back on the track 🙂

The race will start on 5th of July and finish on July, 11th.

The rules will be almost the same as in 2008:

* The competition takes place on a 400 m red dirt track in Adolf-Brühl-Stadium in Hamm near Dortmund

* Rounds are counted electronically by the “Bib Chip- System”.

* During the competition there are resting areas as well as toilets inside the stadium.

* For sleeping or longer resting peroids there is accomodation available in the gymnasium very close to Adolf-Brühl-Stadium.

* The organiser provides drinks (such as water, energy drinks, Coke, alcohol free beer, tea, or coffee) and food in sufficient amounts.

In addition, special meals are provided.

* Registration fee is € 360,00 (threehundred and sixty Euro) until 2009-01-31, € 400,00 until 2009-05-15 and € 440 afterwards.

* Personal attendants/coaches can be accomodated after prior arrangement with us.

For more details see the “Announcement 6DayRaceHamm 2008”

(<http://www.steppenhahn.de/ultra/l1128.html>), an updatet version will be available soon!

Yours in the long run,