Documentary on Marco Olmo

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Documentary on Marco Olmo

DUBLIN, IRELAND (Team Geared Up) – It seems to be the week for videos! A list of just some of his victories below should speak for themselves about what he has accomplished..
2 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (2006 and 2007)
6 Cro-Magnons
4 Lybia Desert Marathon
3 Marathon des Sables
Check the trailer out here with subtitles!

Marco Olmo is the best ultra-trail runner in the world. He runs for more than 160 km non-stop, twenty hours of race in the desert of Morocco or on Monte Bianco, at 2500 m. high. On the eighth of October he will be sixty years old.
Marco is a legend between runners and worldwide enthusiasts. He is a symbol of passion, strenght and clean sport.
Born into a peasant family of a little township in Italy, when he was twenty he left the country to work in the town’s cement plant. His fate and life have been marked by this choice: still nowadays, notwistanding his sport successes, he defines himself as a “loser”. We will tell the history of a out of line man and athlete, and that of his town and mountains. We’ll follow him during his preparation trainings for his next (and maybe last) race: the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, the hardest in Europe.

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