Barnett to rejoin World Run 2

Posted on October 18, 2008 by

However the GOOD NEWS at the 5000km is:
Sarah is back in the run 🙂

I have been in phone contact with her and learned that she instead of going home has run back through europe w. the stroller & an old tent – now in Cz. Republic after Hungaria and Slovakia.

I think most, or all, other runners would have headed home eventually after 1-2 weeks, but her staying w. the run and keep going shows a determination and strength (not to mention courage 🙂 that backs her wish to return to the run.
– No doubt she belongs here 🙂
– And no doubt, she has put in the effort and “giving up is not an option” mentality !

But also it would have been a true hazard to take her into the mountains and the empty snowy passes when lacking behind. Not making it between passes and shelters before dark is no game.

I have had a long look at the maps of the route further on – and untill Etiophia and East Africa and not least a 4000m. pass in the Andes Mountains things are Ok. There I very much hope we have a car & driver !
So she is back !!