Vlastik Skvaril a week from completing epic run across Australia

Posted on October 20, 2008 by

Almost three months ago, Tasmanian Ultra runner, Vlastik Skvaril started his run across the middle of Australia. Apart from some major car troubles in the middle of the country his run has been a success.  Vlastik has been accompanied during the journey by his wife, Jo  Like all of his solo runs, Vlastik has been running for charity and this one has been for CanTeen

Vlastik’s run finishes in eight days time and he has raised $16,000 so far.  It is not too late to donate.  Go to:

https://planetultramarathon.wordpress.com/bay-to-bay-2008/ for further details

Vlastik’s blog also contains a detailed account of his journey , along with some great photos.  Vlastik has been carrying out ultras with purpose for a few years now and should be commended for his efforts.  If ever a sportsman should be nominated for Australian of the Year it would be Vlastik.

Phil Essam