Help needed to set up new Ultra website

Posted on October 21, 2008 by

As people are aware, I have recently registered two domains. They are and .  They are going to be hosted on the domain . I mainly picked them because of the wordpress capabilities and the extra features that dont exist on the free wordpress.

Basically , I see this project as being the next generation of this existing site and a chance to provide a better product for the sport of ultrarunning and ultrawalking.

Stumbling block. I need someone who is fairly good with websites and is able to spend some time in the next two, three months in helping to set it up and pointing me in the right direction. It doesnt need to be an ongoing committment, just until it is up and running and then I can just add the content when necessary. I dont think it will be very hard, just need someone to assist as the Bluehost control panel features seem to have grown and exceeded my current expertise!

So are there any takers?  There’s no money in it (as any money made from the new venture will go to a charity), perhaps a logo advertising your webservices. If you are interested, please email me at philip.essam @ three . com .au   and we shall get the ball rolling.

I envisage that this new generation website will be basically the same as this, but more photos, forum , message board, calender etc.  Chance for more interactivity.

Thanks and regards

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