Pony Express Race report

Posted on October 26, 2008 by

Pony Express Trail 100 Report

The Pony Express ran again this year!  The Pony Express Trail 100
Endurance Run is a unique 100-mile race that runs on a section of the
historic trail in the west desert of Utah.   This area of the country
is very isolated and undeveloped, nearly untouched since Pony Express
riders rode across it in the 1860s.  I put together this run as a way
to share this very unique landscape and history with other runners who
appreciate the thrill of running out in “the middle of nowhere.”
Seven brave runners ran out into the wild west with their crews to
support them.   We had an amazing time running with the antelope.
Come join us next year.

Read my race report with pictures and audio clips at:

Davy Crockett – Race Director
Saratoga Springs, UT