Run across New Hampshire report

Posted on October 26, 2008 by

Dear Friends
This past weekend I had the distinct pleasure to run on behalf of the
Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire.

My journey was a 124.4 mile run from my states’ Western-most point to its
Eastern-most Point.
After 31 Hours and 50 Minutes, I became the first person to ever run across
the State.

I have labored today over part one of my report and I would be honored if
you shared in my adventure by visiting my blog:

Part 1 depicts the first 70 Miles of the run and Part 2, when complete, will
take you to the end.

(So while we wonder if the list is dead.. yes.. someone DID some running
this weekend.. without a pizza, cheesecake or coffee press)

Sherpa John November 2008!
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