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Australia 2008 Weeks 19-21

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Walkingman’s 19th Week Across AustraliaGerrindong to Moruya, 9-22-2008 to 9-28, 124 miles, 19,460 Total World Walk Miles.
Into Gerrindong at the start of 7 mile beach where I saw a flyer for Surf Camp Australia surfing lessons. So I called them up and booked a lesson for 11.30am. Stopped in the local post office/general store and the owner Wendy was real nice. She said she saw me twice on her daily walk and wondered what I was doing. We chatted a bit as she sorted the mail and rang up customers. Then she said to go through to her kitchen and make my self some coffee and have some cookies. Her apartment was in the back of the store and after coffee she told me to go ahead and take a hot shower and the bathroom was right next to the kitchen. All the while she was telling all the customers coming in about my world walk and that she did not really know me at all and I could be a crazy person or a mass murderer. I think she was just kidding though.
Down to the beach parking lot to wait for the surf camp truck to come with the wetsuits, surfboards and instructors. About 40 people with wetsuits came walking across the road from the surf camp compound and I was able to get a wetsuit and surfboard from the truck. They divided us into groups of 8 with one instructor per group. First Mitch our instructor went over the basics of laying on the board and how to paddle to catch a wave. Then we practiced pushing up with our hands in front of chest on board and arching our back. Out into the cold surf to practice catching waves laying prone with our back arched first. Nice 1 to 2 foot waves to learn on. I caught 8 or 9 waves and got the hang of paddling and arching my back, nice ride in to the beach. Then back to the beach to go over how to stand up. First you lie prone on the board with feet just over the tail, then paddle hard in front of the wave, push up with your hands and arch your back, then rotate you right hip out, pull you!
r right knee and foot up to left knee, then pull your left foot up and through to between your hands, then slowly rise to a crouch and try to keep your balance, then either stand up and use your hands to balance or wipe out. I wiped out a lot, got up to a crouch 3 or 4 times. After 2 hours My arms were pretty tired and my back was pretty sore from arching. Clouds were getting pretty black and a storm was rolling in, and the lesson was just about over, so we all went in. Lots of fun and I learned a lot, will have to take another lesson or two further down the road, but I think I got the basics. Everybody walked across the road to the surf camp compound and I followed over just to see what it looked like. They bring down lots of backpackers from Sydney hostels every week to stay in dorms and take a week long surf camp course. They were having lunch and the head man Guy invited me join them and have a sandwich and some coffee. He was loading all the photos he took onto the comput!
er with a projection screen and trying to put a name to e
very fac
e. He said he would email me a couple photos that I could use in one of my weekly articles.
Passing lots of wineries and vineyards. Vines are all pruned and a couple leaves are just starting to sprout out. Had some real nice fresh peach’s at a small fruit stand. The vendor said they were from an orchard about 200 kilometers north where spring starts a lot earlier. Lots of fruit trees blooming with flowers and lots of beautiful flowers on the roadside.
As I was going through Milton I was hailed by a man in front of the Commercial Pub. Danny Thompson the owner stopped me to chat and invited me in for lunch on the house. So I had a nice cider and some Chicken with honey sauce and fried rice. Danny called a friend at the local Newspaper and set up a interview at the Ulladulla-Milton Times.
Stopped at noon Saturday and got out my radio so I could listen to the McCain vs Obama debate on BBC radio. Lots of interest here with the election and the economic troubles as they both effect everybody around the world. I listen to the local ABC radio station here and they sometimes have on BBC programs and also NPR programs from the USA. They are a Government sponsored station like BBC , so no commercials, just news, talk shows, weather, and sometimes a little music.
Getting hotter every day. I do not need a fire every morning, and usually warm enough to start with just shorts and t-shirt. Usually by 9 or 10 am it is hot and sunny enough to switch to my white bed sheet robe in order to keep cool and from getting sunstroke. Light from 5.30am to 6.30pm, so 13 hours of daylight now. Taking lots of breaks in the shade during the ho test part of the day to read, write, snack, and sometimes take a siesta nap. A few flies and mosquitoes now so I have been wearing my black sketter net over my sun hat to keep the flies away and it also cuts down on the glare from the sun. I imagine people must think I look pretty funny with my bed sheet and skeeter net on.
As I go by fields with cows and horses in them I usually ding my bell, beep my horn and either moo or whinny at them. They usually come over to check me out and I usually share an apple with the horses if they come right over to the fence.
One man stopped to chat and gave me half of his Dominoes Supreme Pizza. Eagle Boys is the local Aussie pizza chain and Dominoes the USA chain. They seem to be having a price war for market share and I usually have a cheap pizza for lunch once or twice a week. One man stopped to chat and gave me his whole lunch, sandwich, apple, oranges, and a cold soda. I stopped at one servo and Harry the clerk said to help myself to a drink and sausage roll on the house. I must be losing more weight and getting thinner as lots of people seem to want to give me food and fatten me up. Will have to weigh myself again and see how much I have lost.
As I was walking in to Moruya a girl on a mt. bike stopped to chat and rode along with me for 30 minutes and asked lots of questions about my world walk. Jess Thomas was still in high school but wanted to travel the world and wanted to get as much advice from me on how I travel. She was training for the Duke of Edinbough program. I think they do a 2 week trek from mountain to beach by foot, bike, and kayak for leadership and learning skills.
Headed south for Cape Howe for the next 2 weeks, then turn the corner and head west along the south coast for 2 or 3 more weeks to Melbourne. Email me with questions and comments by clicking on reply, or from my website at http://www.walkingman.org .
Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing, Singing Zippity Do Dah All Day Long.Gary “Walkingman” Hause
Walkingman’s 20th Week Across AustraliaMaruya to Eden, 9-28-2008 to 10-4, 121 miles, 19,581 Total World Walk Miles.
I was attacked by a Magpie as I walked along a quiet wooded area. The sun was behind me, so I saw his shadow swooping down at me and turned around to wave him off just before he would have clawed my head. Magpies are crow sized black and white birds common through out the whole east coast I have been walking. It is spring now so he must have had a nest in his tree with eggs or baby birds. They are very territorial and often attack walkers and bicyclists passing close by. I had seen quite a few bikers with spikes sticking out of their helmets and was wondering what they were. One biker told me they were plastic lock ties to prevent Magpies from attacking. You put 4 or 5 ties sticking up from the top of your helmet and keeps the Magpies off. Sort of like those plastic spikes you see on top of street lights, signs, statues, and other places pigeons like to sit and defaecate on. The Magpies would not really hurt you, but can startle you and cause you to fall off your bicycle! One !
biker that stopped to talk to me said he had been attacked several times in the last week. Kieran was from Ireland and said he had heard about my world walk from a friend that had invited me in for coffee and lunch last year when I was walking across Ireland.
Still seeing lots of interesting roadkill. Mostly Kangaroos, but now starting to see lots of small 1 foot long Goanas {lizards}. Biggest one I saw was a 6 foot long Goana. Saw my first Wombat roadkill. Looked like a cross between a pig and a rat. About 3 foot long, grayish brown fur, and sharp 5 fingered claws on front and back feet. Seeing a few big black snakes squashed on the road also. Only have seen one big black snake alive on the roadside and he slithered off fast when he saw me. Mostly beef cattle and dairy cow pastures in the area I am going through. Still drought conditions and dire predictions for farmers and ranchers throughout Australia. They are cutting back on water use everywhere and trying to cut carbon emissions also. They say Australia will be hit worse by global warming.
My new running shoes were working out fine, but I was still looking for sandals for hot days. Sandals tend to keep your feet cooler and prevent swelling after walking all day. Still no blisters after 5 months walking almost 2400 miles thanks to my using “Udderly Smooth Udder Cream” every morning on my feet. Could not find any Teva sandals I liked, but I did find a pair of Crocs sandals I liked. They were reinforced with leather and Velcro straps on top, and had the normal soft Crocs rubber insole and a harder rubber outsole. Somebody told me Crocs were made from ground up recycled tires. So I bought them for $80 and used my credit card and got a 20% discount with the exchange rate. The Aussie dollar has been in free fall over the last couple months to the USA dollar. I have been wearing them for 5 days now and they seem to be comfy and holding up better then I expected.
Stopped one noon to get out my radio and listen to the Palin vs Biden Vice Presidential debate on ABC radio. They only summarized it though, instead of having it on live.
One lady with her 2 kids stopped to chat and gave me a package of biscuits {cookies} and $5. Two hours later she stopped again and gave me a big bag lunch with a sandwich, oranges, bananas, hot tea, and some fruit punch. Always great when somebody stops to give me food. I gave her my website card and she emailed me a couple days later saying how she enjoyed reading my articles and looking at my website with her kids.
I am almost at the end of the east coast and will be turning west and walking along the south coast for the next 4 weeks. A little ahead of time for my flight home from Melbourne, so I will probably walk past Melbourne and loop back around in time for my November 10Th flight to USA.
Email me by clicking on reply, from my website at http://www.walkingman.org , or at walking_man_50{atsign}pocketmail{dotcom} .
Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing, Singing Zippity Do Dah All Day Long.GARY “WALKINGMAN” HAUSE
Walkingman’s 21st Week Across AustraliaEden to Bruthen, 10-6-2008 to 10-12, 156 miles, 19,737 Total World Walk Miles.
A fellow walker joined me for a couple days on the rail trail from Orbost to Bairnsdale that goes for 100k(62 miles). Nice quiet dirt and gravel path through woods and farm fields with lots of shade and wildlife. He has been walking point 100 or 200 feet ahead of me looking for snakes, rabbits, kangaroos, trolls, orcs, and other wildlife. I hooked him up to the front of my baby jogger with a piece of webbing to see if he would help pull. He took right to it and was pulling pretty hard and a little too fast for me, so I unhooked him. He only had a single leather collar, and you really need a double chest and shoulder harness to pull with or you tend to choke off the oxygen and blood supply. I think he is half German Shepard and maybe some sled dog in him. Must be a farm or ranch dog out on a walkabout. I have been calling him Red Dog after the radio program I have been listening to on ABC radio about a Aussie dogs adventures. Red Dog has been sleeping outside my tent and eating!
some of my biscuits and I give him some of my oatmeal and eggs in the morning. Every time I stop to take a break I fill up a water bowl for him, but he keeps drinking out of dirty puddles when he sees them. When I got in to Bairnsdale I stopped at the police station and they called the Shire council and checked his dog tag numbers , called the owner, and his son who lives in town said he would come over and pick him up shortly. Tin Can was his name and he was a good walking partner on the rail trail, but I did not want him to follow me on the main road.
Rail trail is cooler than the road and nice and quiet. Only saw 2 dog walkers and about 6 bicyclists in the last three days though. I talked to one couple that was planting native trees and they said it gets a lot busier in the summer. Lots of big Wombat holes dug into the side of the railroad embankment. Biggest holes for an underground creature I have ever seen. About 2 foot wide and big enough for me to crawl down into.
As I was sitting by the roadside taking a break a Kangaroo hopped out into the road and ran right into the side of a car. He bounced off and hopped back into the bush, and then hopped out of the bushes and almost ran into me. Most of the trucks, SUV,s and other ranch vehicles have big pull bars on the front to protect the bumper and grill from all the kangaroos they hit. I usually see 5 to 10 roo road kills a day.
Stopped at Cabbage Tree Creek store for a sausage roll and to trade a book for another. Owners came out to talk and took some photos and gave me 6 fresh eggs. She said her hens were laying like crazy. They had a bunch of Bushwear Volcano Tea Kettles hanging up on the porch for sale. Similar to the Kelly Kettle I was given in Ireland last summer. He said his grandfather started making them 80 years ago. Designed for just setting on top of hot coals of a fire instead of starting a fire in the base stand. It has a internal hole for the fire to go up and heat the water in the sleeve surrounding it.
Into Orbost where I camped next to the Snowy River. Up north about 150k(90miles) is the Australian Alps where they get all their snow and have all the ski resorts. The river is dammed up north and all the snow melt gets used for irrigation and drinking water for the cities.
Nice couple from Russia(Natasha) and Serbia(Marco) stopped to chat and gave me a big bag of fruit and nuts and some chocolate. They seemed to be pretty impressed by my walk and had lots of questions. Some people think I must be very courageous, in excellent shape, and admire my freedom. I always tell them how easy it is to walk around the world. I say walking is the easiest thing you can do and you do not have to be in really excellent shape. It does not cost very much either, I tell them that I usually only spend about $5 a day on food and camp out every night. Lots of nice people out there and I hardly ever get in any trouble.
Two men stopped to chat and said a friend of theirs was walking to Tasmania with her 6 year old daughter to protest the pulp mill they are planning on building down there. They had just taken a break for a couple days back in the rain-forest so I guess I missed them.
Had a nice break at the Bellbird Hotel and Pub. Nice wood-fire stove burning inside on a cold late afternoon. The owners came out to talk to me as I was leaving and said I could camp out back in the free camping area. Lots of small town pubs have free camping behind them and they sometimes just charge a couple of bucks if you want to take a shower. Lots of nice fruit trees in bloom and a couple big Paulownia (Japanese Emperor trees) with big pink blossoms.
Headed west along the south coast now for Melbourne.

Walkingman’s 22nd Week Across Australia‏

Bruthen to Foster, 10-13-2008 to 10-19, 153 miles, 19,890 Total World Walk Miles.

I stopped under a shade tree to take a break in front of a house outside Sale. The owner drove into the driveway and walked over to talk to me and invited me in for coffee. Daniel Phelps was a teacher at the Woodside Primary school down the road a ways. He invited me to give a talk to his 7 to 9 year old students the next day. So the next day I stopped in at his school and was greeted by all the students outside playing in the playground for recess. They all had on their wide brim hats and school uniforms on. All the schools in Australia wear uniforms and they have a Sun Safe program where everybody has to wear wide brimmed hats outside to protect against skin cancer. Into the class room to give my talk about my world walk where they had a computer and a projection screen so I could show them some of the stuff on my  website. Lots of good questions from the students and the teacher took some photos with the students, me, and my baby jogger. Hopefully he will email some ph!
otos to me and I will include then with a future article. I always enjoy giving talks to students and other groups. They always seem to be quite fascinated by the idea of walking around the world and how I go about it. Feel free to email me if you want me to give a free talk about my world walk when I get back to the USA next month. I will be in the Newfane New York area from November 11Th till the 17Th. Then driving down to Virgina to visit my brother in Newport News, and down to Key Largo Florida to work the winter from December 1st to May 1st at the Ocean Reef Club (www.oceanreef.com) .
As I was walking through Sale I saw the local ABC radio station. So I stopped in to ask what time Macca has his radio show on Sundays. Brendan King looked it up for me and said it was on from 5.30 am till 10.00 am on Sundays. He also said Macca(a well known national ABC radio personality) will be here at the Sale radio station to host his show. Macca travels around the country in a caravan and does a call in show on local and national news. Brenden gave me the radio station phone number and said to call Macca on Sunday and talk to him. A lot of people have been stopping to talk and saying they heard about me on Maccas Sunday program. I found out that John Olson is walking from Perth to Sydney and calls Macca every Sunday with updates. So I guess people have been thinking I was him. Brenden invited me into his studio room and interviewed me for about 15 minutes about my walk across Australia. The next couple days I had quite a few people stop to chat and said they heard m!
y interview on ABC. One police officer stopped and said he heard me on the radio and just wanted to meet me and make sure everything was going okay for me. Lots of nice people in Australia. I also got an email from a lady that said she was the neighbor of the dog that walked with me for 3 days on the rail trail from Orbost to Bairnsdale. I was calling him Red Dog, and the guy that picked him up said his name was Tin Can. I must of misunderstood him, as his real name was Tim Tam, named after the Arnotts biscuits(cookies) that he must like. She said she heard me talking about Tim Tam on the radio and called up her neighbor to tell her they were talking about her dog on the radio. That must have sounded funny. She said they were glad to get their dog back.
I have been attacked by a couple more Magpies as I walk down the road. Usually the sun is behind me so I can see their shadow as they fly up behind me and I whirl around and wave them off. I also have a feather sword (bamboo stick with eagle feather taped on end) that I pull out when I see Magpies and set on end on my handlebars, rest on my shoulder and have feather sticking up above my head. It works like the bicycle helmet plastic ties that stick up to scare off the birds. When they swoop down I try and tickle their feet with the feather. I imagine that must really annoy them. I saw one article in the news that a 6 year old girl riding her bicycle in Western Australia was attacked by a Magpie and got her eye pecked. They say she will probably lose her sight in that eye.
Talked to one man that worked for the Victoria Roads Department. He invited me to stop in at the Vic Roads office in Bairnsdale and have some coffee and take a shower. So a couple days later I stopped in just as the whole crew was coming back from their lunch break and they all had coffee and biscuits with me in the break room and asked questions about my walk.
One family stopped to chat and a small boy gave me a coke and a honey and butter sandwich. They had heard about me and wanted to give me something nice to eat. I can never drink a soda straight though,  I have to mix it half and half with water to cut the carbonation and sugar down to reasonable levels.
Found another nice rail trail to walk on between Buffalo and Foster. Always nice to get off the main road when I can for a little quiet shady trail. Always easy to find a nice camping spot on the side of the trail.
Only three weeks left before I have to end my adventure in Australia and fly back to the USA and work. I was planning on walking past Melbourne on the coast and then looping back up in time for my flight. But I got an email from a lady organizing a walk for organ donation awareness in Melbourne on October 25Th.  Sophie wants me to come up and visit and do the walk with her. So I am headed up to the city now. Info on the walk is at her website http://www.worldsbiggestwalk.org . They are having simultaneous walks in 109 cities all over the world to raise awareness about the need for people to make their wishs known to family about donating your organs. The London UK walk will be at 12.00 GMT(Greenwich Mean Time), and all the walks will be at the same time all over the world. The walk here in Melbourne will be at 11pm. I am going to have to take a long nap during the day to stay up that late, I am usually asleep by 8pm.
I plan on checking some of the backpackers hostels in the city for a bus tour trip through the outback to Ayers Rock and Alice Springs that stops at some hot springs and some Aboriginal communities. I would also like to see if I can go to a surf camp for a couple days and take some more surf lessons. Most of the hostels have hundreds of ad flyers on activities you can do all over Australia.
Email me with any questions or comments by clicking on reply, or from my website at http://www.walkingman.org , or at walking_man_50(atsign)pocketmail(dotcom) .

Keep on Walking, Life is Amazing, Singing Zippity Do Dah All Day Long.

Gary “Walkingman” Hause.

ps, I included that pest service ad flyer with the photos of all the dangerous spiders here in Australia as an attachment.