New England Ultras this weekend

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New England Ultras this weekend!!

This weekend is the first annual New England Ultras in Pittsfield, VT
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We have an amazingly rugged course laid out for our runners this weekend and
mother nature has been anything but cooperative thus far.
So far this week, 4″ of rain has fallen on the course and it “was” pouring
out of everywhere. Standing water, rivers, mud… you name it.
Then on Tuesday night, we had the wrench thrown at us… 4″ of snow
currently blankets the mountain.

Runners are running 2 separate loops. One is a 12.5 mile trail loop run 8
The other is a 10 mile road loop run 10 times. We’re toying with the idea of
letting them run the road first to allow the snow to melt on Friday.

I’ll try my best to offer some updates from Pittsfield as the weekend

We have 8 Hearty Souls starting the 200 Miler!
12 in the 100 Miler and 8 in our newly added 50 Miler.

If anyone in the Northeast wants to run this weekend… come on up.. We
won;t turn you away!

This is the 6th and final race in the racing series which included
our Snowshoe Marathon and Half Marathon, McNaughton Park 150/100/50 Milers,
The Pittsfield Peaks Ultra-Challenge, The Death Race and The 666 Mountain
Bike Race

Sherpa John
RD – NE Ultras November 2008!
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