Vlastik Skvaril still running for Canteen

Posted on October 31, 2008 by

Even though  Vlastik Skvaril finished his run across Australia a few days ago, he is still working very hard at raising money for Canteen.  On his way back to Tasmania, he is stopping at Shopping centres along the way and promoting the cause by hopping on a treadmill for a couple of hours.

Belinda and I had the pleasure of catching up with Vlastik and his wife, Jo this afternoon at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome in Canberra. Tomorrow, they drive to Albury where they will set up in the Shopping Centre down there for a couple of hours.  Vlastik and Jo are joined in the last leg of the journey by a representative from the Tasmanian Forestry Commission who have been a great help for him with sponsorship and assistance throughout Vlastik’s epic journey.

It was great to catch up with Vlastik and Jo.  They both seem very tired and are very much looking forward to getting home, but they are happy with what they have achieved. We chatted about happenings in the Ultra world the last few months, the Olympics and even the Global Financial Crisis. Vlastik is looking forward to writing a lot more about his adventures and one should expect to see a lot more photos put on his web site over the next few months.  I dont think this is the last that we will see of Vlastik and his journey’s either.

I could have stayed and talked with them for a lot longer. Vlastik is one of nature’s true Gentleman and I hope that he gets all the recognition he deserves when he arrives back in Tasmania on November 10th.


PS – Got a phone call from Vlastik this evening. Vlastik, Jo and the Foresty Gent are staying at the Canberra South Motor Park. It appears as though someone broke into the Foresty Vehcile and has removed his laptop and navigation device.  To the person that took them both, please could you have a heart and drop the laptop at a Police Station or somewhere.  The laptop contains a lot of photos and memories for Vlastik and Jo from this run and other runs that cant be replaced.  Have a heart, please…………..Really good advert for Canberra!

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