Guinness ratifies Mangan’s 48hr World Treadmill Record

Posted on January 24, 2009 by

Statement from Tony Mangan re: His world 48 hour treadmill attempt ratified by Guinness World Records.

Option for Claim ID 219762 Congratulations! Your record has been approved and a certificate has been sent to the address provided in your profile. If you you need to order additional certificates, please use the option on the right. The current record for “Treadmill, Greatest distance covered in 48 hours” is: The greatest distance travelled on a treadmill in 48 hours is 405.22 km (251.79 miles) and was set by Tony Mangan (Ireland) at St. Mel’s College, Longford, Ireland, on 22-24 August 2008.

I previouslly held this record in 2003 till Suresh Joachim ‘ broke ‘ it in 2004 by holding the rails as he was running!! To my mind this is cheating, or at least against the spirit of our sport.. I call these runs while holding onto the treadmill rails….. CHICKEN RUNS!! Joachim is not even a creditable runner yet he posted: 7 Hr 21 Min 40 Sec for 100km, 13 Hr 42 Min 33 Sec for 100 miles and 257.88 Km 160.24 Miles In 24 Hour… before finishing his CHICKEN RUN with 386.41 KM 240.11 Miles In 48 Hours. I was very angry with Joachim and GWR for having those record ratified. I had this proof and informed GWR. They just said.. ‘ Tony the best thing you can do is just go out there and break it again! ‘

I kept this to myself for almost 5 years until Alan Young said he would crew for me at the redemption attempt in Longford,Ireland. Thanks to Alan,Phil Essam,my family,close friends,the Longford marathon committee,St. Mel’s College and the good people of Longford, I have gotten this record back from literally the hands of a cheat and into the rightful feet of the Ultra Running Community.

This is not only my record… It is our record. Records are meant to be broken and I call on other ultra runners to break this clowns above splits. This imposter is a fulltime record breaker who makes his living from these stunts! He even set 3 records from his marriage on the day he married! Check out his list of other party pieces here: My hard hitting report from the attempt will follow soon. I held it back till after ratification. I will also expose another CHICKEN RUNNING BUFFOON! They will be part of this report!

Pictures and newspaper reports from my 48 hour world record treadmill run can be found on Thanks for all your messages of good luck and support with this and other ongoing ultra running injustices. RUNNER POWER!! WE ARE ULTRA RUNNERS BECAUSE WE NEVER, EVER GIVE UP! Tony Mangan,Dublin,Ireland. January 24th 2009.