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Sorry for the delay in posting again, folks. The old roadie blood came out in master competitor and I went on the road for a 4-day weekend.

First, it was academics then running among the rich and famous in West Palm Beach. Then due north on I-95 to St. Augustine, where I did some beautiful morning runs on the beach.

I felt quite expired when I started my 10-miler this morning. A slight rain was falling and the slick roads allowed me to slide my feet rather than use the effort to lift them up off the ground! Now that’s either lazy or tired, you pick.

I’ve been reading a book called “Brand Hijack” which purports that iPods evoke a sense of identity in their users; if you trade earphone jacks with your significant other, an intimate experience will occur.

I don’t know about iPods, but my trusty old MP3 might tell a bit about Tommy Terrific. I’m not much of a collector of music or books or DVDs, so my playlist is rather eclectic – and free.

Just click on the Podcast Alley logo above and enter my world.

There are thousands of downloads and my biggest problem is exploring the depths of the content. I’ll have sermons (Vineyard Columbus) next to metal thrash shows from Brazil. Then NASCAR updates followed by Alice Cooper’s syndicated talk show, and soon after that French lessons and then music mixed for runners.

If you want to hear a runner’s storytelling at its finest, clear here. It’s a great piece from, depicting a life-long running habit in Running with Time from How Running Changed my Life edited by Garth Battista.  It brings the sport to life, I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I did.

So, grab your MP3 and download something different for your next run. Turn it on, crank it up and take those first steps forward.

The Croom 50 mile sits in the not so distant future. I’ll be driving down at 3 am Saturday for the race…so stay tuned, I’m getting jacked up, locked and loaded.

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