Criniti captures Canberra Double

Posted on April 19, 2009 by

In a great display of running this morning, NSW runner, David Criniti captured the double at the Canberra Marathon winning the Marathon and 50km.  He took the lead in the Marathon at about the 40km mark overtaking Tim Rowe (who was running his first Marathon and on incredible pace early on).  He went through the Marathon in 2.26.09 and then went onto win the 50km with a time of 2.57.42. It was an incredible performance considering four weeks ago, Criniti was using Canberra as training and had no intention of racing it!  It was a pleasure to present the trophies to Dave later on in the day.

There’s also a good report in the Canberra Times. I shall scan it later and put it up.


Full results at:

David Criniti NSW 2:26:09
Tim Rowe NSW 2:27:00
Anthony Farrugia NSW 2:27:35
Magda Karimlali-Poulos NSW 2:43:19
Helen Stanton QLD 2:45:12
Mai Tagami JAP 2:47:04
50k Men
David Criniti NSW 2:57:42
Anthony Farrugia NSW 3:05:07
Tim McKenzie NSW 3:12:14
50k Women
Verity Tolhurst NSW 3:39:00
June Petrie VIC 3:46:41
Julie Quinn ACT 4:02:29