Vlastik Skvaril – Darwin to Adelaide by pushscooter

Posted on April 27, 2009 by

In August this year, evergreen Tasmanian Champion Ultrarunner and charity fundraiser. Vlastik Skvaril will be on the road again.  This time from Darwin to Adelaide and this time he will be using a pushscooter as his mode of transport.

Here are the details

Dear All,
The times are tough so it is even more important to help those less fortunate, especially those young Australians living with cancer. It is not their own fault that they are the unlucky ones. That is why I am again asking you for your support. They deserve our support more than anyone else. It is good to spend a lot of money on research but these young Australians need our help NOW! That is what Canteen is doing and needs our support.
Thank you for any help with the publicity, sponsorship, organising fundraising events or making direct donations to Canteen through my “Everyday hero” website.
Best regards,
Vlastik Skvaril