Dipali Cunningham close to breaking 6 day record

Posted on May 1, 2009 by

“I think I am being shown that age is in the mind.”  Dipali Cunningham is 50 years old and with each new mile she runs she is drawing tantalizingly closer to doing something miraculous, which is to break her own world record.  In the spring of 2001 she ran 510 miles for 6 days which was not only good enough for the record books it also made her the overall victor of the race, beating all the men as well.

As we run smoothly along she has so far run 367 miles, 105 of those miles came on the first day alone.  With 2 days to go she will need to run another 143.  Yesterday she ran 86.  Of course her running is not about math.  On the human level the presence of Pam Reed has been an important inspiration for her to reach new heights of performance.  Of Pam she says, “I feel that incredible determination has pushed me to my critical limits.”  This has pushed Dipali to run on average more than 80 miles a day, something she says she has not done in years.

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