Phil Packer walks the London Marathon

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Saw this on the news this evening.

When Phil was recovering from surgery in Hospital, he decided to embark upon a quest that would change his life forever; by doing so, he hoped that he could help change lives too. He visited Help for Heroes and was inspired by Bryn and Emma Parry, Mark Elliott and their Team’s work at Help for Heroes. Until he was able to return to work in the Army, Phil was determined to selflessly assist others and provide information on sports and events to the disabled military community and the wider disabled community as a whole. He believes he has a responsibility and duty to do so. He also pledged to raise £1million for Help for Heroes and to try to help in making a difference to fellow injured servicemen and women.

Major Phil Packer was injured in an incident following a rocket attack in Basra on 19 Feb 08. Sadly, as a result of the accident he lost the use of his legs and is now a paraplegic with what are classed as catastrophic injuries. He was originally told he would never walk again, however there have been positive improvements and it is his aspiration to walk the Flora London Marathon on the 26th April this year over a two week period on crutches. He attends Headley Court every other month where the Medical Team assists him in physical rehabilitation.

Phil needs support to make his Quest a success. He is supported by family, friends, colleagues and those that hear about his story. To enthuse and inspire others, Phil has laid down the gauntlet for ANY challenges, events or sports to participate in, that will assist him in reaching his target. Amazingly, within a year of his injuries, he rowed the English Channel in just over fifteen hours.

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