Not so ugly American

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I have a confession. The photo at left is a French AGD – attention getting device – that I am using to lure you into my rant for today. I took this photo yesterday near the Louvre while wandering through Paris. But now, on to things related to this blog…

Today was a repeat of yesterday’s run, northeast from the hotel about 1.5 miles to Luxenbourg Park. It’s a 15 minute jog to gate 4, and the interior loops are about 12-13 minutes each. I did two laps plus a bit more, then headed back for a total of 60 minutes.

I have been pondering the “ugly American” stereotype that prevails. Though I have tried my best as a good German Lutheran raised-boy to be respectful to all, I do believe running may have allowed this American to to rear his (ugly) head.

Streets are busy to and from the park. It feels as if I’m playing human pinball getting through the streets. Sidestepping and lurching from fast to slow is hard on the knees and in many cases I’m dodging second-hand smoke from person to person.

And then the unexpected happens: A patron darts from a shop’s doorway into my path. Master competitor jams on the brakes and turns hard left or right. I make the dodge but not before our eyes meet and if looks could kill I’d be on a slab en route to the morgue.

FYI, the class I’m teaching in France – New Trends in Media – is doing its own blog on the trip. I’m quite proud of their work, and though it’s not funning related, you may want to take a peek:

We’re off from Paris to Bordeaux. Wine country and more rural running. Au revoir.

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