Fryer wins 2009 Surgeres 48hr race

Posted on May 25, 2009 by

Australian runner, Martin Fryer from Canberra , has won the 2009 Surgeres 48hr race with a final total of  433.686km.  Second was Ryoichi Sekiya from Japan with 402.321km.  The winner of the Womens event was Mami Kudo (Japan) with 385.13 km. (Could be a new Womens world record for 48hrs).

Fryer has had stellar 18 months which has included winning the AURA Australian Athlete of the Year Award in 2008, a previous PB of 393km at 48hrs and running over 230km several times at the 24hr distance. The last time was five weeks ago when he came second at the Coburg 24hr with 234km.

This win has certainly brought Martin Fryer to centre stage at the world ultra arena and he should be congratulated for his awesome performance. The Surgeres 48hr has been the unofficial World Championship for the 48hrs distance for several years  and has seen several of the sports champions win in previous years.

Full results can be found at the Surgeres Web site  ( not posted here because the link will come up as spam).