Trans Korea 622km Ultramarathon – Starts soon

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Trans Korea 622km ultra marathon starts at 06:00 July 11, 2009.

One of the longest and toughest Ultramarathon race, but has rarely been known

to outside Korea, is going to be held this weekend, July 11th to noon, July 17.

This is an ultramarathon that runners have to run for 622km in 150 hours.

Race starts from the Southern most of Korean Peninsular and all the way up to

the Northern most, right in front of DMZ, the longest diagonals that runners can

set their feet on the ground in Korea.

This race is held every the other year under the well experienced organizing

of Korea Ultra Marathon Federation ( KUMF ) and their volunteers. Runners

will not be allowed to have any help, guide, food etc., from their families,

friends or such on the route, except the official check point area of every

100km, which is provided by the race organizer, KUMF.

The challengers are, this year, the intrepid 87 runners, that is 84 males and

3 females. Ages ranged from the born 1975 up to 1944. This is not a stage

run. Runners may take a rest and/or a brief sleep at their own discretion

while they are on the race but he/she must bear it in their mind that there is a cut

off time on every 100km.

In other words, runners must run at their best say, minimum 100km in 24 hours

and this has to be maintained thoroughly till he/she crosses the finish line.

What runners worry much are, boiling summer heat, monsoon rain, noxious

insect at night but the worst is the lack of sleep and so a non-conscious condition

that may lead him/her to the dangerous car lanes.

Finish rate has been around 50 – 60 % depending on the weather condition

during the race period of that year.


( Park, Bokjin )

Director of International

Korea Ultra Marathon Federation


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