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we’re glad to announce the release of “The Runner”, a
Documentary Movie by Paolo Casalis and Stefano Scarafia,
produced by Bodà (Italy).

“The Runner” is the story of Marco Olmo, a living legend of
extreme running.
He became late, when the others started to stop. In his
“previous lives”, as he defines them, he has been a
farmer, a truck driver, a workman.
Running has became is his reason for living, the way to take
his revenge on his hard destiny.
At the age of 58, winning the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, the
most difficult and important endurance race in the world,
Marco Olmo has become the undoubted World Campion of Ultra
Trail, an almost unimaginable speciality, twenty hours of
continuous running in the high mountains or in the desert,
where mental and physical training and personal motivations
are fundamental.
Despite age, physical problems and always younger and more
prepared opponents, he doesn’t want to stop.
For one year he prepares to face the Mont Blanc again, to
run for 167 km (over 100 miles) around the tallest european
This competition, which for two consecutive times has
consecreted him as a champion, could become the last of his
Marco must win, to show himself that he can still do it.
This is his story.

The movie is subtitled in english, french, spanish.
For further infos, images or to see the movie’s trailer,
please visit or see english trailer on

Thanks for your attention,
The Runner
a documentary by Paolo Casalis and Stefano Scarafia

Paolo Casalis, Stefano Scarafia
Music Alberto Cipolla
Production BODA’
With the support of: Film Commission Torino Piemonte –
Comune di RObilante

via Principe Tommaso, 18/a
10125 – Torino
t./f. -39 011 7940065


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