World Firsts for Tony Mangan

Posted on January 24, 2010 by

Following extensive research, it is now believed that Ireland’s Tony Mangan is the first person in history to officially run 200km+ on two consecutive days.

Tony set the current World Indoor Record for 48 hours when he completed 426.178km in Brno, Czech Republic in March 2007. In the process, he beat top Japanese ultra runner Kenji Okiyama and Vlastimil Dvoracek of the Czech Republic.

After consulting the world’s top ultra statisticians and historians, including Andy Milroy, Gerard Stenger and Phil Essam, it is now understood that Tony’s splits of 223.133km and 203.045km, respectively, constitute the first time somebody had run 200km plus on consecutive days. Detailed analysis reveals that other athletes who managed to cover 400km+ over two days did most of their running in the first day, but never maintained the pace to record 200km or more on the second day.

It is another remarkable achievement for the 48-Hour running legend, who also holds the 48-Hour Treadmill World Record.

For more details, please read Tony Mangan’s personal account of his record breaking run.