Canberra 12hr Fat Ass – Results and Report

Posted on February 8, 2010 by

Race report:

It was a few months ago when I realised that in February 2010 would see 20 years roll over since I have ran in my first ultra and been involved in the sport. Ok, I might not have done all that many races in that time, but have certainly enjoyed my involvement in the sport. It was quite ironic that my first race in the sport was a 12 hour and in Canberra, so why not try and put on another one?

I started scouting around the Canberra area, I realised that at this stage it would only be a FatAss event, but the lakes and bike paths seemed perfect to put something on. I finally decided on the Carillion area and floated the idea on this website and my own web site. Robin Whyte measured the course for me and all seemed in order.There was good interest the next few months and time moved on! Unfortunately my own interest in training was waning a bit during the next few months, as I used other things in life as excuses for my own slackness ( summer heat, building hassles, Christmas, Shift work etc).

It was a couple of days before the event when I realised that I better check the course markings and see if they were still there. They had disappeared, so a quick phone call to Robin and he was back with his trusted wheel! I also managed to do a 10km walk, three days prior as well! The night before in Canberra saw the heavens open with the first decent downpour for a few months. I was worrried and thought that the night was going to be a disaster if this continued! I was also hoping that the Carillion was going to be a mass of weddings on Saturday and there was going to be no parking! I neednt have worried on both counts!

I got down to the Carillion at 5pm on the day of the race. This would give me plenty of time to check the course markings and scout out the parking situation. The turn around was marked well. There was a wedding in place but that was soon winding up! Our first starter, John Kennedy turned up to start early at 6pm and others started showing up after that! And more started showing! I soon had twenty plus starters and the vibes were good for a good night. By five to seven, there were twenty four people ready to start and that extended to 27 within the next half an hour! I soon had everyone lined up at the starting line. Gave a thirty second spiel , took the obligatory photo for R4YL and Ultramag and said BANG.

Observations from the rest of the night:

# The family atmosphere was fantastic
# The course was well lit, but will need to figure something out for the turnaround
# I only did 22km and thats what happens when you dont do much training
# There will be a 12 hour FatAss in Canberra this time next year. Probably first or second weekend in Feb
# Was a great positive for Canberra after the B/S of the previous week
# Was good to see runners and walkers of all abilities taking part. Hopefully some more walkers from my club take part next year.
# Was good to meet and talk to some other Coolrunners during the night.

Thanks Everyone for taking part in the Event or supporting it. A special thanks to those who travelled from interstate and the Sydney area. Appreciated. It will be a Fat Ass event once agian next year and perhaps develop into a proper race after that.

Chris Gammin – 83km
Alex Miller – 81km
Arnie Riedl – 63km
James Savill – 60km
Martin Fryer – 50km – 3h40min
Kerrie Bremner – 50km
Mark Collins – 50km
Matilda Thomas – 50km
Neil Angel – 50km
Mick Saunders – 50km
Brad Boyle – 50km
John Kennedy – 45km
Paul Rogers – 43km
Robyn Saunders – 42km
Billy Pearce – 42km
Wendy Milla – 42km
Jessica Robson – 40km
Peter Thomson – 37km
Martin Woods – 30km
Phil Essam – 22km
Sharene Hurnen – 21km
Caroline Miller – 20km
Gore Bunworth – 15km
Alana Hurnen – 10km
Sarah Hurnen – 10km

John Lynch – Unsure final total (was last one there)
Paul Young – retired about midnight.