Planet Ultramarathon update – plans for the future

Posted on April 28, 2010 by

I am very proud of what Planet Ultramarathon has brought to the world over the last few years.  It has been one of the top Ultra news websites that are in cyberspace.  At the beginning of the year, I did have ambition that the site should be owned by the Ultra community and the Ultra community decides what gets posted on.  This was going to be done via the PUM Facebook group ( with over 1200 members).  Alas – this wasnt to be and no one was really interested in posting their own ultra news on the Web site.  Doesnt matter in the long scheme of things.

I will continue to post items on this  site, but  the content will probably change slightly.  Over the next couple of months, expect to see some Ultra books reviewed here.  I am re reading my collection at the moment, whilst we are waiting for the house to be built, so why not write some reviews after that.  Post July, I will be posting more items on PUM’s sister site . This site covers the history of the sport and solo running news!  I am most proud of it, so please visit and see for yourself.

I have two big ideas in the race department. The first is a 6 day Ultrarunning festival (including a 6 day, 48hr and 24hr) in Canberra on a bi-annual basis from 2013.   Canberra will be 100 years old then and to me, it would be a great way for the sport to contribute to this important date.  Australia also needs a 6 day race back on it’s calender!  I also have an idea for an ultra race to remember the spirit of the ANZAC’s  In 2015 it will be 100 years since we landed at Gallipoli.  Australia has had a couple of race concepts to remember the ANZACs, but they havent survived.

Solo running!  It has been an extensive side interest of mine over the last few years.  I believe that the Solo running side of ultra running will get a lot more credibility if their is a body backing them, setting standards for the recording of Solo runs and walks and sorting out the wheat from the chaff  when necessary.  This will be promoted via my two websites.

I have also started writing a novel that has ultrarunning in Australia in the 1800’s as a backdrop!  Have another story with ultrarunning as a backdrop in my mind as well!

So apart from occasional competing when I get fit enough, writing novels, moving into my own home and working on my career!  Here’s to a productive and frutiful time for the Planet Ultramarathon brand!

Keep moving forward.