6 Day Race to return to Australia – 2013

Posted on May 8, 2010 by

This is just a quick post to announce my intention to try and resurrect the Australian 6 day race from 2013. I think there is a place on the ultra circuit for us to have one again. The interest is there from here and overseas.

It will be in Canberra. It will be in autumn or spring. Too hot and too cold in the other two seasons.

I have been given an idea for a venue, which I shall explore.

I shall spend the next twelve months trying to establish a venue and network with the Canberra running community about resurrecting the race from 2013. I wont be able to do it by myself.

I will probably bounce ideas on Coolrunning and Facebook  from time to time to help develop it.

Stay tuned and keep moving forward.