Wild Endurance Race report 2010

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Hi All,
Bigger, better, faster! These superlatives are very fitting to the 2010 edition of WildEndurance on 1-2 May 2010 in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park!  With over 500 trekkers doubling last year’s event number, this third edition also saw records broken with 12:11 for Team Warrior in the relay category (over 3 hours faster than last year’s record!) and 13:14 for the 100km team Grass is Greener (bettering Sydney Marathon Clinic’s record of 16:30 in 2009).  To date, The Wilderness Society has raised over $257,000 and there is still a month to go until the award ceremony where the highest fundraisers as well as the fastest teams will be recognised (click here to donate: http://events.wildendurance.org.au/browse/).
Attached is a race report and a selection of photos from the event (credit Anna Warr).  Please let me know if you would like higher resolution photos and I can send them to you.  You can find complete results here: http://www.arocsport.com.au/WE/WE10_results/WildEndurance%202010/127.010.1/EventResultZ/show_resultsebac.html and more photos and videos on the event website: http://www.wildendurance.org.au/
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