The ANZAC Ultra -2015

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This is very much at the concept stage at the moment. I am currently researching the possiiblity and trying to engage several people with experience behind me.  In 2015, it will be 100 years since the ANZACs landed at Gallipoli and there will be several extra events to remember this special occasion in Australia’s history.

There will be a lot of ground to cover before this becomes a reality, but as we know from Little Things, Big Things grow! So why not a new multiday ultra on the Australian calender that will be just as successful as what the Westfield was.  It may only be a one off event or it could come together and be held every one/two years.

These are some of my thoughts so far.  Feedback is encouraged, please!

“To provide a  One off Ultra race of significance to all Australians to help commemorate 100 year’s since the ANZAC’s landed at Gallipoli”

  • The ultra will start at 0530h on the 20th April and conclude  at 1200h on the 24th April
  • The race will commence at the forecourt of the Australian War Memorial and conclude in the same place on the 24th April. The turnaround point will be Hyde Park in Sydney.  There will be cutoff points throughout the race.
  • It will be open to the Best qualified runners from all over the world.
  • Runners will have to pay for their own crew, vehicle and insurance. No entry if this isn’t done
  • Prizemoney will be capped at $35,000.  Not too much for an event of this nature. (20,10 and 5)
  • Every runner that completes the course will receive a special engraved wall plaque.
  • The trophies will be specially commissioned mini sculptures of three famous ANZAC scenes. First – the Gallipoli cliffs, Second – simpson and the donkey, third – one of the landing craft full of soliders
  • Every runner’s  crew van will be connected to a special web cam that will track the exact location and broadcast on a comprehensive web site.  This way , Australians and overseas spectators will be able to engage the race.
  • The race will raise money and awareness of the RSL and Legacy.

I have expanded on a lot of  these thoughts and will share them with people if interested.

Thoughts and feedback please?

Phil Essam

Coolrunning Thread on this proposal.   Has a very good alternative route.