Deborah DeWilliams – First Lady to run around Australia

Posted on October 4, 2010 by

Congratulations to Deborah DeWilliams, who today will become the first female to complete a running lap of Australia.  Well deserved!  The courage and determination that you have shown is an inspiration to us all.

From her website:

“Deborah and Maggie are now in Katherine NT and are very excited as on the 4th Oct 2010 they will be reaching GPS co-ordinators S 12 52.139 E 131 08. 488 at the corner of Crater Lake Rd and the Stuart Hwy where Deborah ended her run last year.  At this point Deborah will become the 1st female and Maggie the 1st dog to run the ENTIRE distance around Australia.

This has been a long time coming , as Deborah had to abort her first attempt at the same spot in 2009. The reason – two broken feet!  A couple of operations later and she was determined to be back on the road again. This time, she is doing her lap anti -clockwise!  She will be reaching Darwin on the 6th October and then back down the eastern states to Hobart.

A special mention to her dog, Maggie who has accompanied her on the road for both journeys and has been a constant companion and friend for Deborah on her quest to raise money for breast cancer research and promote awareness for the cause.  Maggie hasn’t quite done the same kms as Deborah, but you would be hard pressed to find a dog that has run that far!

Deborah was also the first female to complete a lap of Australia walking as well. Having achieved this in 2003/2004!  A lap walking and a lap running is very hard to comprehend!