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Introducing our first featured product…

Natural Vitality Sports

Natural Vitality is a purpose-driven organization.

We believe that the general level of health Americans experience today is far from ideal. What is considered “normal” constitutes the acceptance of aches and pains, lack of energy, the aging process and a long potential list of non-optimum conditions.

With the epidemic of obesity and diabetes in America, it is dawning even on the most reluctant, that there is a relation between what we put into our bodies and the level of health we experience.

In the last 70 years, the shift over to factory farming, both in produce and in livestock, has greatly contributed to the declining nutrient value of the food we eat. An example of this is the fact that you would need to eat five apples today just to get the same nutrients from eating one apple back in 1965!

It’s hard to imagine that with supermarkets filled with such a variety of fruits, vegetables and meat that we have become used to in this country that we might be suffering the effects of malnutrition. But we certainly feel it. It may be stress or low energy or trouble sleeping or headaches or indigestion or many other possible symptoms but the bottom line is that our bodies are not getting the minerals and vitamins they need to function properly.

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