İznik Ultra Marathon

Posted on March 17, 2012 by

Welcome to the İznik Ultra Marathon!

A history going back for 4500 years, unspoiled authentic villages, thousands of olive trees are waiting for you in Turkey’s longest single stage running race going through trails around a calming lake.

As Macera Akademisi – MCR Racesetter, we tried to prepare a journey to your own boundaries as well as a physical and emotional experience with 3 courses varying in length and conditions.

Iznik Ultra Marathon – 126k push your limits both physically and mentally  2200mt climb, 26,5h cut-off time.

Half Lake Run – 60k will enable you to experience a distance over marathon in a scenic and challenging course. 1800mt climb, 10h cut-off time.

İznik Run – 10K, a celebration and enchanment run for those who come to watch and support ultra-runners.

Our courses have been designed to supply 3 points and 1 point for the famous UTMB Race of France.

Accommodation and transport assistance is mentioned on event web site. www.iznikultra.com

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