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Globeracers in India

October 7, 2010 by

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Hi, Here is what is happening at Globeracers. Feel free to write to us and tell us your stories of running/cycling and adventure. We will be sure to share that with all our fellow runners/cyclists and adventures. Write to us at Best GR Team. PS: If you like what you read, please share […]

Delhi to Wagah Run – August 2010

May 12, 2010 by


Well done Rajat for thinking of this.  I hope it comes off. During my stay in London, I became very close friends with some Pakistani nationals who were studying there as well. We all realized that we spoke the same language and had the same culture, then why the divide and the hate amongst […]

No food for 70 years

May 1, 2010 by


Could this be an answer for the secret of Ultraruinning. Indian doctors are studying a remarkable 83-year-old holy man who claims to have spent the last seven decades without food and water. Man ‘Survives Without Food’ For 70 Years Enlarge photo Military medics hope the experiments on Prahlad Jani can help soldiers develop their […]

The High 2010 – Foothills of the Himalayas

November 9, 2009 by


“This is about probably the toughest race that is out there. But instead of speaking about, we would rather have you experience it. On July 3rd, 2010, we launch the inaugral edition of The High; a 217 km footrace in the foothills of Himalayas. The distance in itself might not be very intimidating to Ultra […]

Jean Beliveau walking in India

August 1, 2008 by


Submitted by Dearest friends! In our latest newsletter, we left our walker crossing the border of India for the second time. He plans about 40 days of walking in the country to make it to the closest possible spot to the border of China, in the State of Arunachal Pradesh, situated at the limit […]

Bangalore Ultra 2008

May 6, 2008 by

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Bangalore Ultra 2008 After its remarkable success last year, Runners For Life brings the longest run back to Bangalore. Are you keen to break the mould and do the unthinkable? Then the Bangalore Ultra Marathon is for you! Bangalore Ultra 2007 had participants from all over India. It is without doubt on its way to […]

Budhia Singh’s coach murdered

April 14, 2008 by

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Coach of Indian Forest Gump shot News tip from Arun Bhardwaij Link Coach of India’s six-year-old ‘Forrest Gump’ shot dead 2 hours ago NEW DELHI (AFP) — The controversial former coach of a six-year-old Indian distance runner has been shot dead by an unidentified gunman, reports said. Biranchi Das, whose handling of Budhia Singh caused […]