Dates announced by the IAU

Posted on January 12, 2008 by

Information received from Tony Mangan: 

Dear ultramarathon friends,

The IAU Executive Council is glad to announce the following important decisions they made this weekend during their annual meeting in Monaco.

1. The IAU 24H WORLD CHALLENGE 2008 will be staged in the Olympic Park of SEOUL (KOR) during the second part of October.

2. The IAU TRAIL WORLD CHALLENGE 2008 has been assigned again to the organisers of the Sunmart 50 Mile Race in Huntsville (TX)- USA, on 6 or 13 december 2008.

3. This year there will be no IAU European Championship 24H.

4. No IAU 50K Trophy neither in 2008 because with the 24HWC (Oct.), 100KWC (Nov.) and the TRAILWC (Dec.) the IAU calendar is already overloaded.

5. The Council agreed with the proposition of the introduction of WILDCARDS for their MIAUC’s 100K and 24H (See IAU website one of the next days)

6. The deadline for the official appication for organising one of our Major IAU Competitions for 2009 is set on 31 march 2008! These MIAUC’s are: WC and EC 100K 2009, WC and EC 24H 2009, WC Trail 2009 and the Final Race of the IAU 50K Trophy 2009.

More details about all of this and a lot more (i.e. the coming IAU Congress), one of these days on the IAU website!